My philosophy

Guilhem Viau, winemaker in Valflaunès 34270 FranceIn 2008, after years spent caring for the family property, I took the decision to manage the vinification at the domain myself. This desire was born out of a love of my lands and the quality of the fruit it bears, which I wished to honour from the vineyards through to the wines. Beyond having a passion which has become a profession and beyond the pleasure of tasting the fruits of my labours in a wine glass, I also want to conserve a family domain and the flavours of the countryside where I have my roots.

I didn’t wait for the emergence of the organic trend to feel the need to celebrate the perfumes of my land while respecting its rhythm, careful to conserve the environment for future generations. In fact, my activity naturally tends towards sustainable farming, respecting fauna, flora, seasons and soils. It is only by doing this - adopting healthy, respectful methods - that the characteristics of my wine will reflect my background and fully express that which I wish to share: a love for my profession, for the land, and for the gentle, generous and delicate qualities of Pic Saint Loup.

Picture: © Claude Cruells